Making Music and Making Money #5 March 2015

The Age of the “Help”- Business

Images courtesy of Charlotte90T

Images courtesy of Charlotte90T

When I was in High School, my teacher asked an important question: What is the business of a grocery store? My answer was: buying products from food producers and other vendors to sell to customers.

Recently, I’ve asked my daughter the same question. She told me that the grocery store offers essential products to help people feed their families and clean their houses.

Although the business model of a grocery store hasn’t really changed, the world and our view has:

Helping others reach their achievements adds a value to their lives. And that can be monetized in one way or another. The business of today: helping others by adding value.

I talk with many people in our Gideen community every day. The question I am asked most often? How can Gideen help me?

Let me share some of my answers here in my blog.
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Making Music and Making Money #4 December 2014


The Past Ones We Miss
The Good Ones We Have
The Great Ones We Hope For

Images courtesy of Satya Murthy

Images courtesy of Satya Murthy

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season. Every year on that last Thursday in November, we give thanks for the values we cherish the most. Then, we stuff ourselves with delicious food and rush off to pounce on discounted values of a different nature.
As it seems my spam filters are quite unable to hold off all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, I thought I should dedicate my 4th quarter Blog to “Values”.

And as this Blog is about Making Music and Making Money, I hope this will help and inspire some of you:
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Making Music and Making Money #3 September 2014

As CEO of Gideen and Parasongs, I’m in constant communication mode, talking with musicians, songwriters, producers, artist managers, music industry and tech-people, press and investors.

And I learn every day, it’s really fun.

Many of the topics are very similar. So I thought it might help to share here in my blog. These are real questions I have received and answers I have given in response: Continue reading

Making Music and Making Money #2 April 2014

Breaking news first: Our macro economic view, described in my last newsletter from February, is now confirmed by harsh numbers in the IFPI Music Report 2014.   2013 Revenues of recorded music are further down by $600 million worldwide.

Also confirmed: The “Blockbuster trend”, i.e. superstars like One Direction, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Avicii earn more while the vast majority of all mid-tier artists and music makers earn less.

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Making Music and Making Money #1 February 2014

Let me start with the good news: People love music. They always have and they always will. It’s an important part of our life, our memories, our communication. This will never change, no matter what. Here is some more good news: People are willing to spend their money for things they love. Always have, always will.

Now, what are you worried about?

The Change. The way people spend their money is changing. Why and how does this impact your personal life?

This is my blog, my views and my personal opinions – nothing else. I hope this blog will offer a different voice, and will add some value to the overall discussion of how the use of Intellectual Property Rights in our entertainment sector is changing and where we are drifting. Continue reading